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Meet Kali

Kali is an SEO Strategist and Marketing Advisor that can help you with digital marketing! Kali has worked at multiple ad agencies, doing SEO and content related projects. Her most notable brand has been Clorox and Glad. In addition, Kali loves serving purpose driven brands and helps entrepreneurs with branding, strategy, photography, and more. Kali also has experience copywriting, managing social media channels, creating graphics, designing websites, and does freelance writing.

Kali went to school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and studied Business Marketing. She got two minors in graphic communication and photography. As a born artist, Kali loves using her creativity to problem solve and create branding strategies. She integrates her love of yoga and philosophy with her studies in psychology and mythology to help clients with storytelling, copywriting, content, and more.

After spending years in the yoga scene teaching, mentoring students, leading wellness programs, and more, Kali loves to integrate all she's learned. Kali does business and wellness coaching and enjoys inspiring others to pursue their passions, tap into their true calling, and create a life and business they love. Kali can help purpose driven brands and help entrepreneurs tap into their bliss and purpose.

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Creative Marketing Artist

Kali enjoys fuzing her creativity and analytical mind with digital marketing strategy to optimize websites and enhance how people and brands are seen online. She has experience creating website content, doing freelance writing, auditing websites for SEO, designing social media graphics, and developing digital marketing strategies for brands.
Kali continues to expand her knowledge thru studies in philosophy, consciousness, the mind, and more. She loves supporting people in upgrading their biz and life to live a life they love. She also does photography and enjoys traveling and exploring.

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